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Half day tours

Our half day tour selection is a perfect solution for people with limited time. You can always extend your half day tour, even after your tour starts. Our half day tours range from 4-5 hour tours with focus on main attractions on each route.

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Thingvellir is a sacred site to Icelanders. It’s got everything for enthusiast of nature, geology and history a like. The name Thingvellir is Icelandic for Parliament plains. Today the area is a national park and a UNESCO site.

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Golden circle half day tour

The Golden Circle is the most popular tour route in Iceland. We offer two types of Golden Circle tours. This shorter version allows you to see the three main sights Thingvellir, Gullfoss and Geysir.

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Golden Circle Northern Lights

Iceland’s biggest winter attraction is Aurora Borealis, better known as the Northern Lights, a natural light display in the sky. You can never be sure to see them but we plan our tours to maximize the possibilities.

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Reykjanes off road tour

Reykjanes is a peninsula spanning westwards from the capital area of Reykjavik. The peninsula lies directly on top off the Mid-Atlantic rift making the area highly active with geothermal hot spots and frequent earthquakes.

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